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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Still not doing much

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It's been a few weeks since my last post, but not much has changed. I'm still working on my online class by doing hand written notes for each chapter. I'm a little behind in writing (since I'm reading chapter 11, but only on chapter 9 for written notes), but hopefully I can catch up before the semester ends. Oh man, only a few weeks left and it's kinda scary considering how it feels as though my semester ends a lot sooner than usual. But not really if you consider it in term of weeks. So only 2 more weeks and then finals on August 7! Gotta start prepping asap.

Volunteering has been going fine. Had my first shift at the hospital and for my position as a cardiac rehab assistant, I find that it's quite similar to working in a gym since I just keep track of blood pressures, heart rate etc. and wiping down machines after the patients are finished. A guy I know from my student association at school works there too, so it's nice to see him outside of school. I've been doing some random bits of volunteering here and there and they're mainly just to fill up my time and maybe get me some references for future projects. At the moment, I'm doing this mystery volunteer thing which is kinda like mystery shopping, but acting as a spy and seeing how organizations recruit volunteers. Like how to apply, how long it takes for them to get back to me etc. The other one is with a Cancer society and I basically sell tickets at official soccer games, which is always fun. I've only done it twice and I'm signed up for a shift next week, but I enjoy it and plan to continue for the reason of the team's season.

Met up with high school friend, LW, last week and had lunch together locally. It was great seeing her as I haven't really seen/talked to her since winter break, so it was awesome just catching up and reminiscing the old times.

Going to meet up with some uni friends tomorrow for a culture festival, which I always enjoy attending, so I'm looking forward to that. :)

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EDIT: Updated Summer List

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lazy Summer

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It's a little sad to say that, after a month since my return from my trip to Malaysia, I don't think I'll ever get the last week of what I did up on my blog so I decided that I should just skip it and continue on.

Summer's in full swing for me, though I'm still working on my one online class. It's been going quite well and I'm pleased to say that I did fairly good on my midterm despite seriously studying for two days prior to the exam. But I will definitely start sooner for the final. I have also gotten accepted for my volunteer shift at the hospital as a cardiac rehab program assistant and I'm definitely looking forward to that. It's only four hours a week, but it will be great!

The rest of summer has been pretty lazy and I don't really feel like doing much other than sitting at the computer desk and doing random stuff like writing fanfiction (which is going rather well) and playing Torchlight (an RPG). I did have a gym month membership which is required for my exercise class and for a while, I went to the gym regularly. Though recently, I sadly admit that I've been slacking off and that I have to get back into it.

On the bright side, there's a new family member. His name is Albert: