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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Arts and Crafts Update IV

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It's been pretty busy lately with relatives coming over for the first time. First there was the cleaning, then the prepping and finally the packing for our 4 day road trip. I'm looking forward to that because oddly enough, I do like road trips. You just get to see a lot while on the road instead of going by plane. Got my clothes packed and of course, my books too. There's still one book I haven't put into my luggage and that will be because it's not released until the 28th. I really can't wait!! Need to find out the fate of the dark haired, green eyed boy who is trapped in the land of his nightmares.

I did these about a month ago, but I kept forgetting to put pictures up. First off, a yukimibotamon cellphone charm. Quite cute. Didn't take too long, though most of the time was used for waiting for the glaze to dry.

 Second will be a workshop that my friend persuaded me to go with her. It's really cool. You get to pick a ceramic object off their shelf and then you can personalize it with their paints before giving it to the staff to fire up. Prices vary depending on the item and it does get quite expensive since you have to also pay for the firing fee, but my friend had membership to the place, so she used her name (thank you CL!) and so I only had to pay for the cup itself. It was very fun and I'm really glad that I went.

Before firing:

After firing:

I wish I actually though of something to paint instead of choosing a picture I had saved as a wallpaper on my phone (found it off the internet), but still looks nice. The inside of the cup is painted sunshine yellow, the handle is a light pink (I wish I chose a darker shade) and the base of the cup is painted sky blue. No idea what I'm going to use the cup for.

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