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Friday, 18 January 2013

So tired

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Two weeks down, eleven more to go. It's only the second week but it's so tiring. 8:30 classes Monday-Friday really sucks when you don't live close to your school. That means getting up around 6ish. Luckily, I'm attending two campuses this semester, with one being a lot closer than the main campus. Another reason for my fatigue is that since it's a new semester, clubs and programs are trying to promote their activities and gain new members. I'm a member of my faculty's student association, so I'm out there whenever there's something like that going on. There was some of that this week and next week will be another busy one. More promotions, geek week and career night. Once that dies down, it'll be time for midterms! Fun stuff.

Well, this weekend will be a nice change from waking up super early every day, but it'll still be somewhat busy. I think it will mainly feature numbers as I'm taking physics, math, statistics and for a change of pace, English (drama). Probably not the smartest idea to take so many quantitative courses at once, but will careful planning and lots of study sessions every week (which I'm generally the planner for those).

I hope I can keep up with going to the gym twice a week. Now that my gym buddies are attending the same campus, it's a lot easier to be motivated into going. Also hoping to take hip hop and kung fu. It's going to be an active semester.

On the bright side, I sleep great every night because usually I'm so wiped out that I fall asleep not long after I hit the pillow.

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