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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Let this week be over

Listening to: The Prince of Persia - Main Title OST by Harry Gregson-Williams
Feeling: Exhausted
This week has been an energy-drainer. I spent most of my weekend doing an incredibly long statistics assignment and ready to hand it in the day before it was due when I realized that the assignment was supposed to be single-sided only. The reason why I wanted to hand it in the day before it was due was because I wouldn't be at that particular campus the next day. It didn't help that my faculty was promoting a bunch of activities all week long and I had to help out. So copying 8 pages full of graphs and answers took 2 hours out of my time between volunteering sessions.

Originally, if everything went according to plan like I had planned out, I would have been able to submit my statistics assignment a day early and have the evening to do my English 2 page paper which was due the next day (same day as statistics). So it was pretty stressful.

Yesterday was one heck of a day. At my school, it was the week to promote the school's science program and unfortunately, yesterday was my faculty's turn to show off. So I had to help out with that in between a long day of classes (Wednesdays are my longest days). Once my classes ended, it was time to help out with lab tours to show undergraduate students what kinesiology professors and researchers did in their labs. Since not a lot of my team members were available during that time slot, I ended up being a lab tour guide. I spent the morning freaking out because I didn't know the room numbers and having just the name of the lab didn't help. But eventually, I sorted things out and thankfully, it was all right.

Then it was career night time. I was helping out with that too. Answering questions, signing people in, making sure everyone had paid and guarding stuff took up most of my night. So, in the end, I was at school for literally half a day since my classes started early that day (and everyday).

Annoyingly enough, there's a physics assignment due today and with the other stuff going on, there wasn't much time to get it done before the actual day it was due, but mercifully, it was simple enough and within a few hours with the help of some friends, I was able to finish it and submit it. And now, I'm really thankful that the week is nearly over and the chaos can die down.

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  1. It sounds like you have had a long and stressful week! I hope you get to relax this weekend and that next week is better. :)