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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hello Summer pt 2

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Well, finals are over... well, I only had one, so I guess final. It was a lot better than I had thought and considering my preparation time, it was pretty good. Now that that's out of the way, what next?

Celebrated finishing summer semester with finishing up season 2 of The Big Bang Theory. I love how short each episode is, which makes me feel that I'm accomplishing more than I actually am. Also watched and finished Secret Garden (korean drama). Borrowed it at the public library and it was actually really good. I had always heard a lot of good things about it and was curious, so when I saw that it was available to be borrowed, I took it without a second thought. It's a romantic comedy-fantasy with a poor stunt woman and a stoic department store CEO. Seems like the typical k-drama nowadays (especially the iconic rich son with his iconic evil mother-that-need-a-dose-of-chill-pills) but made different with a body switch. So think of it more of a Boys Over Flowers and Freaky Friday. But anyway, really enjoyed it. Loved Hyun Bin and Philip Lee because of it. They were my two favourite male actors in there. 

So, what do I have in store for the rest of the summer? Not much, sadly. Did my interview for a local gym yesterday, but I don't know if that'll lead to anything. Still volunteering at the hospital with the cardiac rehab weekly. I have the occasional Cancer Society soccer game fundraiser. But other than that, my summer is pretty free. So I guess, hanging out with friends, hanging out with family, curling up with a good book, watching movies etc.

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