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Friday, 23 August 2013

RIP Peachy

Listening to: Never Close Your Eyes - Adam Lambert
Feeling: Heart broken
It's been two years since Peachy has lived in my house and I'm heart broken to say that she has died on Sunday morning. I've been too sad to make a goodbye post until now, but I wanted to make a memorabilia for my dear Russian Dwarf Hamster.

She died of a condition called "wet tail" where it is an infection caused by bacteria and too much diarrhea. It was really heart breaking to see her suffer through the day. Her eyes barely opened and you could see her in pain because of the way she was hunched over and how she sat on top of her sand bath because her lower abdomen was hurting. Just before her symptoms showed, she was so lively last Friday night, running happily on the sofa while my mom and I fed her seeds and rice that it was unseen that she would pass away a full day later.

But instead of remembering her as my beloved hamster who died of wet tail, I want to remember how great of a hamster she was. Out of the ones that I have had over the years, Peachy was my favourite.

She was always a little cheeky hamster, always begging for more food, despite the large quantities I gave her everyday. When Peachy noticed that we were near her cage, she would chew on her bars quite energetically until we played with her or gave her extra food. Peachy would gladly hop onto my hand to be carried out of her cage and whenever I attempt to put her back in, she would sit on my hand, refusing to get down. In addition to that, if she wanted more food, she would playfully nip/lick my hand gently, demanding more.

Peachy quite hated her temporary cardboard box house, a place where I would put her when I was cleaning out her cage. She would attempt to scale the walls only to miserably fail. She loved her running wheels and carried her nesting material with her everywhere. Peachy didn't really like fruits that much and would only eat a few small pieces to please you, but refused more than two or three small pieces. However, she was quite fond of blueberries and would hurry home with them, should you change your mind. She never quite got the hang of her slanted bridge which connected the ground floor to the upper level, as she would run down it or run too close to the edge and fall off. But it was always entertaining to see her try and scamper up the sides of the bridge instead of going to the bottom of it to climb up.

Peachy wasn't the most intelligent of hamsters that I had had, but she had brought much love into the family. My parents weren't too keen on having a hamster in the house, but Peachy won them over. My mom loved feeding her rice and petting her. She would squeal whenever Peachy licked her hand, asking for more. My dad would call her out every now and then and would happily feed her seeds and peanuts, which she loved.

Peachy was a sweet tempered hamster and although I am terribly sad that she's no longer with us, I'm happy that she's no longer suffering. I hope she had had a happy life in my family and we'll always think of her. Rest in Peace, Peachy.

Peachy - October 10th, 2011 to August 18, 2013

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