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Sunday, 8 September 2013

First week back to school

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Well, it's been a week since school started up again for Fall 2013 semester. As always, it's always rather hectic this time of the year because not only are there a lot of new first year students, but also with everything else going on during this first week, which includes FROSH, week of welcome, orientation etc. That and not knowing if you'll get off the waitlist and be successfully enrolled in classes. So I definitely prefer the second week over the first.

Though before I go on about more school stuff, I wanted to post a little about a high school friend's birthday party (SB). It was a fun event of getting together for the last time this summer, especially with one friend headed off to study in France. With the pizza delivery, it was pretty awesome of them to write a Happy Birthday salutation on all three boxes of pizza as well as draw a cake and balloons. We mainly chatted the whole time with some Monopoly thrown in there. It was pretty amusing to see how that went since I managed to get the two properties that no one ever wants (the dark purple ones closest to the GO space). Well, I owned one and traded money with a friend for the other and was able to build hotels on both properties. And it was a pretty good investment since I did make quite a lot of money from that. The game didn't really end with someone being bankrupt but rather that we were bored of playing and retired for the night.

Last week, or two weeks ago, I guess. I posted about my hamster, Peachy, passing. But I have had a new Russian Dwarf hamster named Mochi for about a week and a bit now. Since she's little more than a baby, she's super active and loves climbing on the bars (not to mention she's really good at it... to the point she can use them like monkey bars). Mochi has managed to squeeze through her cage more than once, but luckily we managed to capture her again before she disappears to who knows where. But that means that her cage is pretty much boarded up like a prison to prevent future escapes. Mochi also likes to bite, but I've had this issue with my previous three hamsters, so I'm hoping that she'll come around sooner rather than later.

So anyway, school's been super busy and I'm generally drained each day. It kinda sucks that my classes start at 10:30AM and end at 5:50PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I'm waitlisted for a class on Tuesdays that ends at 7:30PM, but by the looks of it, I probably won't get in. I'm not super disappointed since I have quite a bit on my plate so maybe not getting in would be a good thing. Judging by what I've said so far, Thursdays would seem to be my one free weekday, but unfortunately, my student committee has chosen that day for weekly meetings so I still go up then. I've recently just completed my REC sports assistant training yesterday, so I'll be volunteering starting next week for about 4 hours each week with intramural sports. I'm quite excited about that since I got to meet a lot of cool people, meet new people and get to watch basketball and soccer too.

I won't have a whole lot of time for homework during school time, but I hope to manage my time well and succeed. :)

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