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Friday, 11 May 2012

First week of school: Complete!

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It's been a while since I last posted something. My first week of summer semester has been completed! It has been quite tiring despite the lack of assignments/tests. Waking up everyday at 6:30am to arrive at school at 8:30am has been super draining. How do I achieve this? Coffee every morning. Not the best solution, but it does the job. Occasionally, I substituted coffee for tea, which is fine too. I'm taking physics 101, bio 101 and psych 100 (intro to psych). 

So far, I like my physics professor. He's very energetic and he has shoulder length hair which is styled to remind me of a maestro or a symphony conductor. We're starting slow enough, so it's been easy so far. I only hope it remains that way. Bio is alright, though it's not that entertaining. At the moment, my least liked class is psychology, since it's rather boring. I'm sure it'll pick up, but it seems that it's going really slowly. I also kind of hate the fact that I have a midterm already in this course that will be taking place on the 16th of May. But I guess it's also an advantage since we've only learned the first two chapters. According to our professor, it'll have an essay component, which I'm slightly worried for, since my high school days, I haven't actually done an essay for a test yet. Hopefully, it'll be alright.

My school's main campus is pretty awesome. It's A LOT bigger than the other campus that I went to for the past 8 months. The scenery is pretty nice when it's sunny out. When it isn't, the school looks like a prison. I got lost once, but other than that, I think I'm doing quite well. I found this really nice study area that hardly anyone goes to, and has a view of the court yard with a small pond. It's really sunny there and quiet. I went to the gym/weight room today and it's quite nice too. There are a lot of machines and some that I have never seen. The field looks amazing and I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can run on the track. I'm thrilled that a large number of my friends from the other campus are taking physics with me. I kept thinking that it'll just be awkward not knowing anyone, like the start of school in september, but I'm glad that it's not the case. Can't really say the same for bio and psych though. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

Since it's been a while since I last blogged, I'll put up some stuff that I've been meaning to put up but haven't had a chance to. Last week, my friend, JL and I, went to a school fair, which sold a lot of stuff. I usually look forward to this annual fair because they usually sell a lot of books that are in really good condition and for a really good price! Here's what I got for books:

I was quite happy to have bought nearly the entire series of A Series of Unfortunate Events in hardcover (books 1-11) for a total of $11, which is pretty much the price of one paperback edition. It looks pretty awesome on my bookshelf. As for the manga, these were kind of random in terms of their volume numbers, but I don't mind, since I love these series. In general, their condition is practically brand new. As for the other stuff that I got that day, I bought the game of LIFE (which I totally love playing with my friends. Though I usually don't do as well in the game of LIFE when compared to my skills in Monopoly). To my delight, I also bought a GLASS CHESS SET! Oh my god! I've always wanted one of these. Sadly, one of the kings broke. Whether it was originally broken when I bought it or what, I don't know, but luckily, my dad was able to glue the pieces back together. It looks AMAZING.

I can't wait to play against someone. Probably a friend or my sister. I was also cleaning out my desk shelf the other day and totally forgot that I had a few small gundam models that I once loved. And I guess I still do, just that I don't watch the anime religiously as I had done a few years back. They're still an impressive bunch though. Since they were the cheap models (like $10 each), there isn't a lot of detail on the models, but I love them, with the exception of the Freedom (the one on the left). It's just so big that it usually puts the gundam off balance. Not to mention that it has these huge wings which take up space.

Well, I've run out of things to say for this week, so I'll just leave it at that for now. Until next time.

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