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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


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Well, I'm currently wasting time before my next class begins. I wish that these gaps between my classes weren't so long. The longest one is a 4 hour gap on Tuesdays between my bio lecture and a mandatory bio tutorial. Oh well, at least I got something done yesterday, which was a few physics problems, some textbook reading and fanfiction writing (though I didn't progress as much as I had originally thought). 

And I feel bad that I haven't updated for nearly a month now. Ugh, making things flow smoothly from one sequence to another really sucks. I mean, I have all the events planned out in this next chapter, but making them connect as smoothly as possible is rather difficult. Relaying the characters' emotions is quite difficult too, but not as much. I guess it's also partially due to the reason that the thrill of writing this fanfic is starting to fade after 20 chapters. I'm just ready to end it and commence on my next project, which would probably be called either "Storms" or "From the Beginning to Now". I originally thought of using flashbacks to tell my story, but it's probably just confusing to the reader, so when I do start that fanfic, I'll start from the beginning of everything. But that probably won't happen for at least another half year, because I have about another 10 or so chapters to go with Never Alone.

The point of this post was mainly to rant and let off some steam about my intersession course, Psychology 100. It's an introduction course, which I don't have much of a problem with, but more to do with the length of it. Since it's an intersession course, it's like 6 week summer school, where the course ends sooner than the usual courses that last for 3 and a half months (if you include the exams and stuff). Meaning that there's a lot of stuff that I have to do for this course. Which includes two midterms, a quiz practically every 2-3 classes, 6 hours of classes per week, research assignments and a heck lot of reading. Not to mention that my final for this class is during midterm session for regular classes. I think that the intersession course is a pretty good idea for someone who's planning on getting a summer vacation and is only taking that one class, but for anyone else who's taking other courses with it, it's not that great. I've been putting off my other subjects, Bio and Physics because Psychology is taking over. I really really can't wait for psychology to be over, so not only do I get to focus on two classes rather than three, but I'll also have some more free time to get caught up with my bio textbook readings.

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