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Sunday, 8 July 2012


Listening to: Monster - Big Bang
Feeling: Dying of heat
For the past few days, it's been way too hot for my liking. Yeah yeah, I know it's summer. But I really hate the heat. I'm definitely more of a Fall/Winter person where you can stack on layers of clothing instead of peeling them off to the point where you can't. Summer also makes me non-productive, which I hate. Everyone else is off of school whereas I still have to study and do homework. I keep trying to remind myself that it's like summer school in high school (which I did pretty much every year of my high school except for the first and last), though summer school didn't really require that much effort. Ugh. I keep having to peel myself off the leather chair and feeling my skin stick to it. Blegh. I feel like joining this polar bear:

Photo credit: Google

 I got a haircut recently and I missed having short hair again (well, short for my standards). It's too hot to have long hair. So what have I been up to? Outside of classes and tri-weekly 2 hour study sessions with friends, I've mainly been lounging around the house not feeling like doing school work. I've done my basketball sketch, though I really don't like how his right arm turned out. If anyone asks, I'm going to say that it's the angle which is why his arm looks out of porportion. I drew this because I didn't feel like working on my fanfic (though I should because I keep breaking my promises) but still wanted something to do with it. So yes, Derek the basketball player. Can't decide whether to erase the grid/pre-drawn lines and actually colour it in.

 I'm quite pleased with his left arm and the rest of him though. I can finally draw something in porportion! Yay. At first he looked a little too tall length wise, but then I checked the Loomis and saw that the ideal male height should be like this, so I kept it.

I've also been busy reading the korean webtoon, Orange Marmalade, which is actually really good! When I first read the summary about a vampire girl trying to blend into society where people scorn and hate vampires, I thought it reminded me of a certain series >_>, but after giving it a shot, it was much much better than I thought. Reading stuff like Orange Marmalade and Vampire Academy gives me hope for the vampire literary world after it was destroyed by the overrated, insanely-popular series. It totally helps that the art is super nice and each page is colored. :D


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