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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Martial Arts nostalgia

Listening to: Mama - Exo
Feeling: Like I want to do some kind of martial arts
Like the title says, I've been wanting to do some kind of martial arts since it's been about a year since I stopped after my black belt ceremony back in June 2011. While I don't mind going back and teach a few karate drills to my juniors, I've wanted to learn other types of martial arts, like Kung Fu, aikido or judo. I'm not very skilled, but I do have the enthusiasm to learn it and go through the exercises. Especially kicking and sparring drills. I don't mind if I get my butt kicked, as long as it gets rid of my restlessness.

I thought of taking a class this semester at my university, but the timing wasn't ideal and I had tutoring sessions on one of those days, so I decided not to take lessons. But now I regret it, haha. I'd love to learn weapons, but that will definitely be for the higher ups and I'll be considered a novice again, so it'll be a while before I get to do anything cool. But I'm okay with that. I'll see if I can take lessons again in the fall, regardless of the inconvenient timing.

Image credit: Google (this is the symbol for Shotokan Karate, the type that I did)


  1. When you get started, keep me posted!:)
    Which weapon are you most interested in taking?

    1. Sure will. :) Not sure, I'm pretty open to anything. Swords sound cool, but I don't think I'll be lucky enough to learn it.

    2. Perhaps something with bo?

    3. Preferably something with naginata if I decide to take karate again. If I was ever gonna cosplay as someone simple, I'd love to cosplay as Takiko Okuda (Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden) who wields a naginata...