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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

So tired... X_X

Listening to: Hallelujah - Big Bang
Feeling: Tired which equals grumpy
Ah, the long weekend was nice, but after school, I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep it all away. Unfortunately, I can't because I have school work to do and even though it's not actually homework, I have to keep up with my biology readings and attend study groups with friends bi-weekly to get caught up. And I killed about an hour and a half at the gym today after a long period of doing nothing but sitting on my butt. Everything is going to hurt tomorrow... and my leg hurts now. 

I am super envious of pretty much everyone in my circle of high school friends because I am the sole person who is taking summer courses and sometimes, I just feel like I want to take a vacation too. I look forward to my physics classes since I have a really cool prof who does really awesome demos. As for biology, not so much. For everyone who does not need to take bio 101 as a required course, I DO NOT recommend taking it. There's so much fricking material to cover. But thank goodness we're out of plants and into animals now. At least there's something there that's similar to people.

Did a drawing of a certain basketball player and I'm quite pleased with the result. It seems that drawing club has certainly helped with drawing anatomy and porportions. I can't decide whether to leave it as a sketch or to fineline it and colour it in. I'll post up a picture later. Speaking of finelining, I need more pens. Off to Michaels when I'm not busy. (There's so much I want to buy there. Including DIY necklaces, paints, pens etc.)

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  1. Quite excited to see your sketch! :)
    Although I'm not in school right now, I'm rooting for you on the sidelines, you can do it Debbie! Let's see if the circle can get together and do sometime very soon.