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Sunday, 4 November 2012

A break from studying

Listening to: Too Little Too Late - Jojo
Feeling: Lazy
Well, it's another lazy weekend. Though it was a nice change for once because I went over to a friend's house with other mutual friends and we had a girls' board game night. That and a potluck. So I spent my morning making fried rice which consisted of fish balls, beef balls, chicken strips and mixed vegetables. It's not as great as the fried rice that my mom makes, but a decent effort. 

After being picked up from the station by my friend, KL, we drove to her house and met up with the MF and LL. Then the board games began. Two rounds of Clue, a round of Ticket to Ride: Europe edition and several card games filled our evening. It was a lot of fun playing with everyone, including a sausage dog with an ear-fetish and an obese tabby. Dinner was great too. We had roasted chicken, green beans, dumplins, my fried rice and cranberry coffee cake and creme brulee for dessert. Before long, the night was over and we decided that the next hangout would be at my house, so I'll definitely need to clean up haha. 

Ticket to Ride: Europe Board Game

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