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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Passing the time

Listening to: Hit the Floor - Linkin Park
Feeling: Bored

Another uneventful weekly. Or at least mostly uneventful. Other than a strike at my school, busses dropping students in random places and having a lab canceled, it's been a quiet week. Ochem midterm part 2 this week. I'm so nervous for it since the material is a lot more difficult this time around. There have been times where I think I prefer calculus over organic chem. But then, I have to be optimistic and remind myself that with my field, this will be the last chem class that I'll ever need to take if everything goes according to plan.

Time goes by so fast. Only another month until finals.... ugh. Not looking forward to that. I used to think that a month takes forever to pass by, but nowadays with trying to survive uni, it's unexpectedly fast. Especially when I realize with resignation that I haven't posted a new chapter for my fanfic for about a month. Only another 3 full chapters to go and I can take my break without needing to worry about updating at all. :)

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