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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rock Climbing

Listening to: If I Were a Boy - Beyonce

Feeling: Sore
For a group event involving people from my program, we went bouldering yesterday evening. Bouldering is basically rock climbing but without the harnesses or anything to prevent you from falling other than your abilities. I've always liked rock climbing, though it's been many years since I've done it (mainly in the forms of birthday parties). It was actually pretty difficult and really straining on the body, so I kept to the first and second level routes. It was so much fun. Jumping down from 18 feet was a little scary, but the super padded mats were really poofy, so no damage done. However, I'm still super sore today, mainly in my arms and my back.

Today was a pretty good day. My last lecture from one of my classes and I got out early. What was a bonus was a book sale going on at my school and I picked up a really good condition copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!! Not to mention it's a hard cover AND I got it for $2 (normal price: $45 + tax), so really really awesome.

Also did course selection today and next semester doesn't seem very enjoyable. Especially with that ONE tutorial on Tuesday where I could be at home instead of taking a bus up a mountain just for an hour tutorial. But I'll see if I can get that rearranged later on, so I can get my Tuesdays and Thursdays off.

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