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Friday, 1 February 2013

Attacked by a virus or food poisoning?

Listening to: Whisper of Hope - Gothic Storm
Feeling: Sick and tired
Oh my god this week. It started with my mom. Next my dad. Then me. And finally, my sister. We're not sure if it's food poisoning or what. I mean, we all went out to eat last week so it's not much of a stretch to say it was something we picked up at the restaurant. But yeah, I spent the past half week lying in bed and being energy drained. It is never a good sign to go three days without eating a full meal and not feel hungry at all. Now, I still have the never ending feeling of an impending stomach ache. UGH.

On the bright side, last week, I was able to finally finish the visual novel game, Train of Afterlife, which started out pretty boring compared to X-Note, but then as the pieces unravelled, it became really interesting. I love the monochromatic scheme of colours as well as the soundtrack. There are some endings that are pretty creepy, but it made more sense in the end.

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