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Friday, 3 May 2013

Day out with uni friends

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Another fun day out with university friends. It was a pretty gorgeous day out (although a little chilly) and there's only a few days before school starts up again. It doesn't really feel like it to me though... probably because I'm only doing one online class and I'll be spending most of May in Malaysia!!

LL, LN and I spent the day downtown and roamed around what we called an "island" but is technically a peninsula. There isn't a whole lot to see, but it's a good place to visit for some art and crafts. Not to mention the yummy gelato. I had tiramisu and it was delicious. Not too long later, we left for the other parts of downtown. Initially, we had some difficulty picking out a restaurant, but eventually we ended up at an unknown sushi place.

The food was pretty decent, but the service was pretty bad. I most likely wouldn't be going back there. Over all, it was a fun but tiring day.

Mine is one of the lunch boxes, while LN had the same and LL had a udon combo

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