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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fanfic Guilt

Listening to: Till the End - David Tan
Feeling: Guilty
It's been two weeks since I last updated my fanfic, Never Alone, and I'm starting to feel the guilt piling up after everyone sent me so many really awesome reviews. Initially, I had planned on sitting down and writing out chapter 16 sometime last week, but while that moment did come, I wasn't able to get as much done as I had originally planned. And it sucked rather dearly that not only did I have two midterms this week, but I was also sick. The last part was unplanned. But I'm definitely planning to spend sometime this weekend to finish my unfinished chapter. I'm about halfway through, but the interesting part is in the second half of the chapter.

I have to admit that writing the boring bits of a chapter are really draining. They really aren't that interesting and don't really contribute to the story, but they're more like fillers. However, as uninteresting they may seem, they usually are pretty necessary for the development of the plot and character. That doesn't mean that I can write them as fast as I'd like. But there's always the good parts that I'm dying to just get typed out. And speaking of good parts, I can't wait to get this chapter over and done with because the really exciting stuff is coming up fast and I'm really excited to get them out on screen. I guess you can kind of think of it as trudging up a hill. It's really hard to get up there, and oftentimes, you feel like quitting, but you know that for the sake of yourself and many others, you need to keep going. Once you've reached the top, it's all downhill from there.  

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