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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Listening to: Without You - U-Kiss
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 Thank goodness. It's over. At least for now, anyway. Last one went fairly well in my opinion. Though I didn't expect so many over-weight questions since it was a common-sense type of thing. Ironically, I would have thought that they'd be the best out of my exam, but in general, I think that they weren't as well done as I had originally thought. But a decent mark at the very least. :)

So now what? I have 17 days of freedom until my next semester starts. The opportunities are endless. Should I make the best of my gym card and work out more often? Should I start doing some scholarship essays? Or should I just take some time to relax and then do the not-so-fun things? I think the last one appeals the most to me at the moment.Though I did clean out my hamster cage today. Fatty and Skinny, I love you guys, but why do you poop so much? Not to mention Fatty's mad scavenger skills... so much food was left over. Oh well, saved it for your next dinner. And the weekly race to collect empty garbage cans against my elderly neighbour, who insists on bringing back my family's empty garbage cans so we don't have to go and get it, but of course, it's not right just to let it slide, so like I said, it's a race to see who can bring back the others' garbage cans first. As well as greeting that garbageman, who never fails to disappoint LOL.

So list of things to do?
-Work out
-Fanfiction writing time
-Hang out with high school buddies (food fest to be planned)
-write that scholarship essay
-buy textbooks
-pull out that flute and probably-out-of-tuned-violin
-check out the main campus of my post-secondary institution to see where my classes will be
-the much needed cleaning of my room
-fill up some pages in my sketchbook
-read read and more reading

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