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Monday, 30 April 2012

Week of Awesome

Listening to: Without Words - Park Shin Hye
Feeling: Stoked
This week is going to be full of awesomeness. Finally finished my 500 word essay at like 1am today, but thank god it is finished!!! Yay! Now that it's not constantly on my mind, I can finally move onto funner stuff. Also bought one of my textbooks today, so that still leaves 2 sets to be bought. University textbooks are fricking expensive. X_X

So, moving onto why this week is going to be awesome. Yesterday, I met up with some old high school friends for the first time in about a month (I guess) to eat Greek food! I think I may have had it once, but that's about it. It was pretty good. We got a huge platter filled with beef, chicken, lamb, scallops, prawns, rice and vegetables. Not to mention the pita bread. When that wasn't enough, we added an order of escargot and calamari. And no, I didn't eat the escargot, but I definitely loved the calamari. Like the cool kids that we were, there weren't a lot of places to hang out on a Sunday evening after dinner, so we spent the next hour and a bit at Chapters/Starbucks before chowing down on doughnuts at Timmy's. Then we called it a night.

Other stuff that I'm looking forward to would be visiting my high school band class on Thursday, since I haven't seen them perform since December (thoug I saw them briefly outside of class in January). I've been wanting to drop by the class a few times, but it's rather awkward since 1) I'm not a student at that school anymore and 2) I don't know like a third of the class since they're all newcomers. Last year, we were all pretty close with each other, so I missed them quite a bit. Not to mention the playing. Playing on your own is so boring. So yeah, I'm totally stoked to see everyone again.

Another part of my awesome week is the book sale at a school fair this weekend. I've always look forward to these since I can get practically brand new books for a super inexpensive price. Like a paperback for a buck. There's so many good books out there and since I'm subscribed to a lot of book blogs this year, I know more about which ones that I can look out for compared to last year. Can't wait to fill those empty bookshelves (I had to shift a lot of stuff around to clear this space, but it'll be worth it).

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