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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Oh! Ricey

Listening to: Symphony in G Minor - Mozart
Feeling: Full
While studying for math and chemistry, I suddenly felt rather hungry. Whether it was me actually feeling hungry or if the subject that I was studying wasn't all that interesting, I don't know. But I really wanted to stop studying and do something that was more preferable to me. And eating definitely sounded more appealing. What I really wanted was vietnamese beef noodles of some sort. The problem? It was 10pm, meaning that there was no way that I was going to fill my craving by going out to a restaurant. So what did I do instead? I opened up my food cabinet to discover instant Pho! Or "Oh! Ricey", as it's called. I could fulfill my craving in less than 10 minutes. Even better. So I got to work.

In addition to the ingredients given, I added some slices of roast chicken that my mom had prepared earlier and some egg. What would have been better would be if I had some bean sprouts on hand, but sadly, I did not. So I had to make do without them. Less than 10 minutes later, this was the result:

Yes, I ate my noodles straight out of the pot. Why? Because it's classy. Well, no. I was just really lazy and I didn't want to wash more items than necessary, so it was just easier to eat it from the pot, like the graceful person that I am. Personally, I think it tastes better this way. Even better would be if I could find the pot cover that went along with it and ate the noodles off of that like in k-dramas, but again, I couldn't find it. Oh well, at least the end result was the same: I am full and happy.

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  1. I give you 10/10 for classiness. The instant food is always the best at night! :)