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Sunday, 1 April 2012

My life today

Listening to: 無賴正義 (Rogue Justice) - 趙又廷 (Mark Chao) & COLOR
Feeling: Exhausted but content
Went to the gym today for 2 hours and felt pretty awesome afterwards. It was a nice surprise that they upgraded some of the weight machines with newer, more advanced looking ones. :) It was also the first time that I went on all three exercise machines: treadmill, bicycle and elliptical. Usually I just do two, but I spent about 20ish minutes on the first two and finally half an hour on the elliptical. Then spent the remaining time doing my stretches and weight exercises.

Afterwards, I went to Chapters to chill and mentally noted some books that seemed interesting so I could put a hold on them when I had the time to. Also flipped through some of my favorite manga that haven't been scanlated into english (Honey Hunt) and another manga that I really loved, but has been a long time since I read it (La Corda d'Oro). To my delight, the english adaption of La Corda d'Oro has special chapters in the back that weren't scanlated on manga sites and I had the pleasure of going through some of them. It's always entertaining to go through the english adaptations as well since sometimes they can differ from what the scanlation groups decide to use. And I remembered my obsession with one of the characters, Len Tsukimori.

 My favorite Len pose from the manga (volume 5 page 32 or 33), but this version was brilliantly colored by oORoyalBlueOo on deviantart.

 Flipping through the manga made me appreciate him all the more once again. He's so cool!! >w< I can totally go on a fangirly rant about how amazing he is, but I guess it's not that entertaining to read, so I won't. I currently own volumes 8-10, but someday, I swear I'm gonna get the rest in the series which goes up to volume 16 (latest volume released is volume 15). Afterwards, I visited the petstore to check out the fish and laughed at the tiny algae eater that they sold at $15. It was about an inch long whereas Leviathan, my algae eater, is at 6 inches. I guess he could have grown larger, but with our tank size, it inhibited his growth. Apparently they can grow up to 2 feet. O_o Anyway, so I'm back home now and sadly, after a satisfying day, I have homework to do. :(

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