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Sunday, 16 December 2012


Listening to: X-Men First Class OST: Main Title - Henry Jackman
Feeling: Happy but tired
Today was a fun day. Now that my winter break is rolling along smoothly, I have to say that it feels amazing not to think much about school. I can sleep in late, watch tv again, and do just about what I'd like. So today, I met up with some uni friends, KL, LL and MF to go bowling.

It's been forever since I last went bowling. Normally, they were birthday parties that I attended, but since we're now too old to host birthday parties at places like this, it's been a long time. We paid for two games and haha, I admit with some embarrassment that my first game didn't go so well. Mainly gutter balls. But I evened out my losing streak by doing much better in the second game. I was even in first place in terms of points for a while because I scored a strike.

Also ate fast food for the first time in ages. Mmmm McD's french fries. So unhealthy, but really good.

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