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Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Holidays

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My winter break is slowly nearing its end. Got one last week left. I did do quite a lot of stuff though. Finally finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy (courtesy of a present from my dad) and I enjoyed it very much. I'm the type that prefers battles over epic journeys, so I have to say that I like the 2nd and 3rd movie a lot better than the 1st and The Hobbit. Epic journeys are really beautiful, but after a while, they get kind of dull for me. I do better with action. 

Boxing day was a pretty busy day for me though I ended up not buying anything. It was more of accompanying my mom and my sister, who both spend a lot on various stuff. Had lunch at Cafe Crepe. I had a "french toast" crepe which consists of cinnamon, egg and maple syrup.

I did get my sneakers a few days later though. Adidas again. Unfortunately, I didn't like the design of the high tops that were on sale, so I settled for this:

I wonder if they'll look good with pink laces too? I'll probably test that out eventually too. After buying a punch card, my sister and I have been rock climbing a few times during the break and I now know how to properly belay a climber and am certified too. :) It's a lot of fun and I hope I can improve my climbing since I've always enjoyed it.

I saw this in the mall the other day and thought it was very cute, so I took a picture of it to share:

Only a week left and there's still a bunch of stuff to do. I'm swamped with events and get-togethers with friends since everyone seems to have planned to cram in as many as they can get in before school starts. It's going to be a fun but exhausting week.

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