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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

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The 25th of December is finally here! Merry Christmas! I finally finished the first Lord of the Rings movie and like The Hobbit, it's super long. At least, that's how I feel. I'm really more of a person for action-packed movies rather than epic journey ones. But nevertheless, I'll see if I can finish the other two before school starts. While I was watching the movie, my sister and I couldn't help but point out the similarities between it and Harry Potter. This isn't to say that they're copies, but it's just funny to see characters that fit other series so well.

Here are the ones that we made the connection with:
Frodo - Harry
Sam - Ron
Gandalf - Dumbledore
Aragorn - Sirius
Boromir - Lupin
Pippin and Merry - Fred and George
The Dwarf - a short Hagrid
Orcs - Dementors
Legolas - ????

Some of these characters connections are merely in terms of looks or if we simply had to match them with a Harry Potter character, but no matter how we tried, Legolas didn't have a partner. Neville and Malfoy both didn't quite match unfortunately. Oh well.

Then I googled 'Harry Potter Lord of the Rings' and got this which also sums up my thoughts.

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