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Monday, 18 February 2013

Back to zombie mornings

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Feeling: Tired
Where did it go? My break was so nice and yet it had to end. It was a very relaxing break for me and since I didn't have any homework, it was awesome. I spent the first few days not really doing anything but relaxing at home and reading The Indigo Spell (review to come). The last few days were pretty good; I got to see my friends from both uni and high school. I hosted a hot pot party at my house and watched X-Men: First Class for what I think would be the 5th time. It never gets old. Especially not with James McAvoy afterall he was the source of a house filled with happy squeals. It was successful and the food was great. No setting tables on fire, which is always a good thing.

Had a sushi lunch out with high school friends downtown while chilling with our Lat-Teas at a stone park and talking about pigeons and pigeon boyfriends. The latter part refers to the otome game, Hatoful Boyfriend, which I haven't played, but heard a lot from a friend who plays it every so often. Then dinner out with family and family friends.

During the last day, I got a new desktop computer! Hurrah! My old one is pretty ancient and I decided that it was finally time that it could retire. Haven't set up the new one yet since school is draining me already on the first day back, but will do that soon. Hung out with high school friends again in the evening at SB's house and it was a fun time talking about our post-secondary life while fooling around. 

So, now my break is over and I'm back to attending school 5 days a week. Sigh, zombie morning mode is now in effect, referring to unwillingness to get out of bed and groaning at the idea of school. On the bright side, it's about the middle of the semester, so I'm about half way there. Once this semester ends, I can enjoy my summer vacation!

Last but not least, drew these quickly for my friend, Alasyn of Crimson Amethyst, who has been a wonderful, amazing supporter and fellow fanfic writer. These sketches were done for her latest story, Forbidden. Please excuse the mediocre camera quality; I was too lazy to use my scanner.

If I had him as my calculus professor, I'd be so motivated. But unfortunately, I can only dream.

Super adorable scene in a diner/coffee shop type of place. Sadly, I ran out of space and was unable to draw the pie that was the main idea of the chapter.

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