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Friday, 8 February 2013

Freedom.. for a little while

Listening to: Take It All Away - Owl City
Feeling: Happy
Three midterms in three days was exhausting. But at last, reading break is here! Since I finished my midterms before the break, I don't have much school work during the break other than reviewing and a paper due the week after. I spent the afternoon celebrating with my awesome uni buddies MF and LL at a new theater. The prices turned out to be amazing and never seen before, so I was definitely happy. We saw Warm Bodies, which was about a world taken over by zombies and a zombie named R who doesn't want to be a corpse any more. He sees a surviving human girl and his heart starts to beat, signifying his fragmented humanity. It was a short cute movie and starred Nicholas Hoult!! He was adorable in the movie. :)

So plans for the week? Nothing too much, but a few get-togethers with uni and high school friends. Not to mention, I'm totally stoked for the release of The Indigo Spell, a book that I've been waiting for since last year. It is going to be amazing and I really really can't wait. I'm kind of grateful that school's been busy so it hasn't been too torturous to wait in the last week. It'll be released 4 days!!! Gonna buy it and shut myself off from the world for a few hours. :D

Oh and I've found that shopping is a beautiful therapy for midterm stress. Saw how cute this was and had to buy it:


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