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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bio 101, you screwed me over

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Didn't take bio 101 in the first semester of university because I wanted to take only 3 courses to allow me to slowly assimilate into post-secondary life. In the second semester, to my dismay, bio 101 wasn't available at my campus and required me to go to the main campus, which needed a longer transit time. Not to mention that when it snows, the busses don't run, so I decided that I would take it in the summer. I can't prolong taking it since I'm a science major and if I want to get into my upper level courses, then yes, I'd need bio 101. Unfortunately, since we don't get to know the times of our courses in the upcoming semester until it's time for course selection, I found out that a lot of my classes (that I wanted to take, so I can qualify as a second year student by the start of fall), clash with it. Not only does bio have a lecture, and a tutorial, but it also has a lab and thus taking up a lot of my time. It also doesn't help that since it's the summer, a lot of the courses are limited with only one professor teaching it. I originally had this really awesome schedule planned out, but a course that I had wanted filled up and thus, I am unable to take it. Any other alternative will make me sacrifice bio 101 for that time slot. Gr...

EDIT: Wow. I am an idiot. I double checked my school's year equivalents, thinking that First Years qualify as 30 credits and under. But no, it's 27 credits and under. So, by the time I finish my summer semester, I will have accumulated 28 credits meaning that I'll be considered a Second Year student by the time fall begins. All that stressing out for nothing!

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