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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Food for the soul

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 With the weather looking rather icky outside, I didn't feel like going outside to eat, so instead, I dug through my food cabinet and was delighted to find the last remaining package of Indonesian instant noodles. My favorite of all the other instant noodles: Mi Goreng!! Here's the said package:

This stuff is amazing. Why eat gourmet food when you have this in your house? Just the sight of the package makes my mouth water. Haha. Well, anyway, these noodles are the dry type where you add all of their seasonings into a plate/bowl while you wait for the water to boil. 

(To my delight, I was really happy to discover that I had an extra packet of fried onions and seasoning. However, since it was normally salty enough, I only added the extra onion and didn't use the second packet of seasoning)

Then you dump your noodles in for a few minutes. Once your noodles are soggy enough to your taste, take a strainer and dump out all of your water. Then dump your noodles onto the bowl with the seasonings/fried onions/soy sauce/oil and presto! Here's the finished product:

Just look at that perfection! These make my tastebuds cry with joy. It's not very healthy, but oh well, somethings are worth sacrificing for... especially since I don't eat these on a regular basis (my mom usually doesn't buy them since she knows that my dad and I inhale these really fast). Personally, I find that it's seasoned enough with one packet, but if you like something spicier, you could add the given packet of chili sauce. I once tried a little and it ended up really spicy (given that it's indonesian food).. so I've learned my lesson and left them like this.


  1. As terrible as that is for my health, instant noodles can good sometimes haha! I always figured that Oh Ricey was your favourite brand. Or maybe it was just a one time thing.

    1. I like Oh Ricey! as well, though I guess it's a close second. Since Oh Ricey! uses a soup base, it doesn't taste as good as homemade beef noodle soup, so that's why it's not in first place.