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Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Birthday!

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Today was my 19th birthday! Other than being a year older, not much else happened today. I went to the gym to work out for about an hour and a half before heading to Michaels so I could buy my sketchbook:

Originally, it would have been quite expensive but thankfully it was on sale, so that cut the price by nearly a half. I'm in the drawing club, so our club president told me that it'd be a good idea to get a sketchbook rather than sheets of paper, so I can refer back to my drawings. I'll post up some of my human "skeletons" later when I get my sketches scanned. 

I also headed to Chapters for plans to buy my friends gifts. I originally planned to get one friend The Book Thief and The Book of Awesome for my other friend. However, I got the feeling that they either own these books or have read them already, so I gave up and eventually got them gift cards. I'll add a journal and a handmade phone strap to each present, so it'll feel somewhat customized. :)

I told my fanfic readers that I'd most likely update today as a present to all of them, but sadly, my creative ideas just stopped flowing midway. :( Currently, I have half the chapter written, but I don't want to post a chapter with only like 2000 words, since that's not much of an update. So I guess I'm going to start praying for another miracle to pull through tonight and hopefully post the chapter sometime tomorrow with the apology. This is probably why I can't become an author even if I wanted to; I'd most likely miss my deadlines.


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