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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Coffee break

Listening to: Somebody Else - Se7en
Feeling: Content
Ah, I really love having school-free days that aren't the weekend. It makes me feel productive when I actually do something. Well, spent all morning and a bit of the afternoon chilling, but afterwards, I progressed a little more in my book and did some of my math assignment that's due tomorrow. Still got like 7 questions to go though. It shouldn't be too bad though.

For drawing club, we're starting character designs where we're all coming up with a character. After much discussion, we decided on the steampunk-war-renaissance era. How does that work? No idea. I can see steampunk-renaissance or steampunk war, but not really a combination of the three. But anyway, it was be interesting. We chose careers the other day for our characters and the ones that we decided upon were: general, royalty, butler, alchemist, paladin and for me, I chose assassin. Why? I love mysterious characters. Would I be able to draw one? We'll see, but it'll be fun. However, as my luck would have it, the club members didn't have any references for assassin/assailant types, so I'm left with trying to find some on the internet. Should be easy enough right? But when I typed 'assassin' into google, I was bombarded with pictures of, you guessed it: Assassin's Creed's Altair, which is always cool, but not exactly what I was looking for. Eventually, I found some that weren't from the game, so I'll use those for references. I can't wait to draw the weapons though.. that'll be super fun. 

Anyway, something that I saw today was pretty cool in my opinion, so I'll share it here. Apparently, on, they were holding a Se7en Comeback Cover contest and the winners were posted today. Some of my favorites included:

And of course, the original music video of Somebody Else by Se7en:

Personally, I think the english cover in the first video was pretty well done. However, since this is probably the first time I listened to someone do a cover for this song, I never realized that the pitch was pretty high for this song.  Se7en~~~

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