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Monday, 5 March 2012


Listening to: Turkish March - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Feeling: Happy
Currently waiting for my mom to get off of work so I can hitch a ride home with her instead of public transit. Today was a pretty good day for a monday. I got the results of my kin and chem midterms back. For kin, it was definitely the best mark that I've received for midterms in uni while my chem midterm grade was alright. It was above average, but not by a whole lot. Gotta bring that up. But yeah, I'm fairly happy. Even math class wasn't as dreadful as it usually was. Not looking forward to that midterm though.

At the moment, I'm listening to classical music (I usually know the tune, but never the names or who wrote them) and writing the next chapter of my fanfic. Hopefully will get that done soon, so I can post it up quickly. :)


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