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Friday, 23 March 2012


Listening to: Kun Shou (Caged Beast) - Zhou Ding Wei
Feeling: Shocked speechless
Well, after a long day, I'm glad that it has pretty much come to an end. I had originally planned on reading a book on the ride home, but the book annoyed me and I found it unworthy of my time, so I decided to play minesweeper on my phone instead. About halfway home, I looked up to see someone sit in the seat that faced me and to my surprise, it was a guy who's a year older than me who went to my high school. I'll call him ZB. As soon as I saw him, I had a unsettled feeling with great reason because he seriously creeped me out like 5 years ago during the co-ed square dancing session that took place during gym period.

Back then, although I didn't know him, I originally thought that he was merely intense, but dude, after that one dance, that opinion totally changed. During that 5 minute dance, he flirted enough to put me in a very uncomfortable position and wished that I was elsewhere. It didn't help that my friends, KF and SW were laughing their butts off on the bleachers while watching my discomfort. From that moment on, I was extremely wary of him.

Back to the present: Anyway, after realizing that I still had like 10 minutes before I got to my bus stop, I decided to stare in wonder at minesweeper with such intensity as though I couldn't believe that such an amazing game was invented. To avoid facing him, I also shifted so that I faced the front in an uncomfortable position, but at least, I didn't have to look at him look at me. To my dismay, it didn't save me from a conversation with him. And to top it off, he tapped me with his foot to get my attention. It went kind of like this:

Him: "I have a question for you"
Me: -OMG. He. Is. Talking. To. Me.- "Y-yes?"
Him: "Did you used to go to (insert school's name here)?"
Me: "Uh yeah..."
Him: "No wonder. I thought that you looked familiar."
Me: -looks out the front window. Crap.. another like 12 bus stops- "Uh... you graduated a year before me, right?"
Him: -looks very proud of himself- "Yup. 2010."
Me: "Right. I graduated in 2011. You're.... (insert name here) right?"
Him: -nods proudly- "Yes, but I have another name. People call me 'Tank'." -flexes arms to show me his biceps-
Me: -swallow painfully and attempt to smile- "Right."
Him: "I'm going to go work out. I can't lift as much as I used to be able to. But I can still lift quite a lot. Not to mention that I'm now working in (forgot the field because I kept sneaking glances out the window to see whether or not we've arrived yet) and I am living on my own." -puffs out chest and looks even prouder of himself if possible-
Me: -Un-freaking-believable. The dude hasn't changed in the last 5 years since I last danced (unwillingly) with him!- "Cool."
Him: "I also take martial arts. Hapkido, to be exact. (Then goes on to give me the definition of hapkido) And although I'm an orange belt, they say I fight as well as a red belt. That's one belt under a black belt."
Me: -Get me out of here please- "Wow."
Him: "And I'm quite good. Let me show you." -stands up in the middle of the bus and (I'm seriously NOT KIDDING) decides to do a series of punches and kicks- "The world is a dangerous place nowadays and you have to be prepared for what's out there."
Me: -looks out the window and thank the gods that we have arrived- "Nice. This is my stop." -gets up to leave-
Him: -also gets up to leave- "Same here, since I'm going to work out and all."
Me: "Right. Well, I'm going that way. Bye." -points in the opposite direction of where he's going-

And that's pretty much how it went. Oh my god. Those ten minutes felt like forever.

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