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Monday, 10 September 2012

Eventful yesterday

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Well, yesterday was certainly a long day. Got up early to go have our annual BBQ at a local lake. Usually, we'll go during summer, but with our visiting aunt, we decided to postpone it until now. Since it's September and that we're back into the school year, the lake was a lot emptier than it normally was, but I guess that's good for us since it meant that it was a lot quieter. I went on a hike with my sister on the trail nearby and it went pretty good. I've been dying for some sort of exercise since my aunt came over and we've eaten out at least once a day... sometimes for multiple meals. Not looking forward to going up on that scale... 

A few hours later, with a diet consisting of roasted beef, chicken wings, salad and noodles, we ate more food at a korean restaurant that we've never been to and wow.. um, it was different. I'm positive that it's the reason that I'm not used to korean food (other than the basics that I've always eaten), but hilariously enough, there didn't seem to be any flavour in the soup and it made it nearly impossible to go down. I think I was about to cry at one point until my parents said that I didn't have to finish everything.

So we headed home to prep for going to the local amusement park when my mom decided to check on my hamsters to see how they're doing. After calling them for a few moments, one of them, Skinny, responded by coming out and asking for food. But the other, Chubby, didn't reply at all. I knocked on her house and still, no reply, which was rather odd. But what was weirder was the scratching I kept hearing. It sounded like a hamster scratching against cardboard or something. And it wasn't coming from the hamster cage but rather underneath the table that supported my hamster cage. So, I bent down and moved the cardboard box (that contained my hamster bedding) and the scratching stopped, as though startled. To my growing horror, I realized that something was wrong and quickly took out the box before bending down. And there Chubby was... on the floor looking really surprised while surrounded by a lot of poop. Oh my god. Without a second thought, I scooped her up and returned her to her cage, where she drank water like no tomorrow. My poor hamster somehow squeezed herself out of one of the wider gaps in the cage (I probably accidentally widened it when I was cleaning it out the other day) and fell a few feet. After checking her to the best of my ability and when my heart rate slowed down, I was extremely grateful for three things:

1) that she didn't fall to her death
2) that she wasn't so dehydrated that she died (I saw some hamster food particles down there where I found her, so I'm assuming that she had food in her cheeks when she went on her adventure)
3) that she didn't wander off from the hamster table and was never to be found again inside the house

Once making sure she was okay, we went to the amusement park, where to my great dismay, it rained harder and harder as time passed. After meeting my friends, we went on several rides several times, but the one good thing about it raining is that there was barely any lineup. The whole park was rented out to my mom's company for the evening, so it was nice to go on hard-to-get rides, such as the famous coaster. Went on that one three times in a row. For one of the rides, the pirate ship, since there was barely a lineup (ie. the ship wasn't even a third full), we just remained on board without having to get off and luckily, the ride operator let us. We were all pretty soaked through. Seeing how it seemed like it was going to rain, I brought my spring water proof jacket and an umbrella, but I wished I had water proof pants as well because by the end of the night, I couldn't feel my legs or feet. My friends were worse off though. But we celebrated the moment of how drenched we were with a photo. 

We played some games and I got both basketball shots in, getting myself and a friend some prizes. Played some more with the tickets we were given and I ended up getting all my shots with the dart toss. The trick is to not throw the dart as hard as you can, so that it goes in a straight line, because there's always a chance that you'd miss the balloon. Rather, I figured out that it was better to throw a semi-weak shot so that your dart arches and when it has hit its highest point, it'll be brought down my gravity. Once it heads down, the shot of bursting a balloon were definitely higher as it's bound to hit something and earn you a prize. I traded in some small prizes and got a bigger prize, the Keroppi. My dad did well in the basketball game too and gave me a Hello Kitty.

All in all, it was a pretty good day, though I have to say that a hot shower once I got home felt amazing beyond words.

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