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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Suffering from S.A.D

Listening to: Change the World - V6 (Spent about a decade without knowing the artist)
Feeling: Bored
Well, it's the weekend and I should probably get stuff done, but like the title says, S.A.D or "Study Avoidance Disease" is hard to get over. As my professor said, "There is no cleaner room than a room around exam time", to which I agree... on my behalf anyway. To put off my textbook readings, I've cleaned my room, cleaned my hamster cage, chilled at the library and doing just about anything else that isn't studying. I even made this:

It's a chain bracelet. I got the idea from seeing something similar to it at a stall in a market and wanted to make one for myself. The problem with having a small wrist is that bracelets generally don't fit you. But making one yourself can get rid of that issue. The small charm dangling there says "home sweet home" with a small key attached.

Sigh... I need to go back to studying.

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