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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Listening to: Hellraiser Brigade - Two Steps from Hell
Feeling: Somewhat better, but still sick and unhappy about it
Well, survived another chemistry lab today. They're not so bad; I don't mind doing them, it's the lab report sheets that usually annoy me. That and the long duration that we have to stand for. Worked with making isopentyl acetate (aka "Banana Oil"). Funniest conversation of the day was when I was discussing with my lab partners about our chemistry teacher assistants. Two of them had the same one whereas I had a different person. Our conversation went like this:

Me: "Oh, I have Hope for my TA."
EW: "Hope? That's a really pretty name."
Me: "Yeah... Hope's a guy."
RW and EW: O_O "He's a guy?!"
Me: "Yeah. When I first stepped into the room and saw a guy in front, I thought I was in the wrong room until he introduced himself."
 EW: "Hope is also a really pretty name... for a guy."

And with that, we burst into laughter. It's not really that funny I guess, but when you're all uptight with worrying that something will go wrong in your experiment (such as accidentally knocking over 3 hours worth of work or doing something that you shouldn't have), even the simplest things seem funny.

My 26 year old sister wants to go trick or treating tomorrow, but I keep feeling that we're too old. But we do look young for our age, so maybe we can pull it off (my sister has been mistaken as my twin or for a high schooler). Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow because I don't want to get even more sick.


  1. Amen to knocking over 3 hours worth of stuff. Nothing like trying to do a counter top extraction with a pipet haha!

    I hope you're doing better! :)

    1. Hahaha, there was one lab where we had to shake this unknown compound in a centrifuge tube and I accidentally smacked it against the fume hood and it broke. Thankfully, it was the beginning of the lab, so I only wasted like 2 minutes of work. And also lucky that my TA was kind enough to give me another one.

      Thanks! I'm feeling better, though still not 100%.