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Friday, 5 October 2012

Long weekend is well deserved

Listening to: Emily Not, Not Gone - Cemetery Sighs
Feeling: Relieved
Another long week gone. Thank god. 3 stress points are done and over with. Ochem midterm, kin lab report and kin health paper. I've learned the lesson of procrastination over and over, but sadly, it never sinks in. Maybe it will this time. Two midterms next week; both kin classes. But oh well, at the very least, I have the long weekend to recover and study.

Made two cellphone charms this week. One was a request from a friend and I got paid for it too. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it. But I did take a picture of the second charm, which is a small gift for a friend's birthday.

Was doing a bit of studying for my kin quiz today when the raccoons returned. Seems like the same parent and child pair as I saw not too long ago. I originally named her Dimitri until I realized that she had a baby raccoon with her, so I'll rename her Trini. Like all the other times, I was once again distracted from what I was doing to watch the two of them perform like stars. To my surprise, they climbed up the tree and jumped onto the glass ceiling above me, so I could see them quite clearly. However, my delight faded a little when Trini picked up a dead bird in her mouth and then shared her meal with her little one. And then what was once a bird turned into a pile of bones and feathers.

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