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Saturday, 6 October 2012

RIP Chubby

Listening to: 不能說的秘密 (A Secret I Cannot Tell) - Jay Chou
Feeling: a little heartbroken
Today, my russian hamster, Chubby, has passed away. Their life expectancy is about 2 years and she has lived with me for a year and 7 months. Although I knew that she wouldn't live too much longer, I had hoped that she would. Lately, there have been some signs that her life was almost at its ends. One of her forelegs was swollen and there was some sort of tumor at the base of her mouth too. But even then, she was still strong and active until the last few days, where she wasn't as active and ready to greet me when I call her. She ate a lot less too, losing quite a lot of weight in the past few weeks.

This morning, I was still able to coax her out to feed her some sunflower seeds, however, with her declining strength, she dropped most of them. But she gladly took the peanut that I offered. However, after I came home today, I called her and when I didn't see any response, I lifted her house to see that she had passed away with a barely-eaten peanut in hand. And so, I said my goodbyes as I buried her in garden and watered it with some tears.

She was a good pet. Although she disliked coming out of her cage to exercise, she was an active little hamster with impressive climbing skills. Chubby never refused a peanut or sunflower seed, but she was never greedy. She worked hard in keeping her house clean and supplied with tissues right away after I cleaned it. I hope she had a good life with me and that her suffering ended. 

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