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Friday, 12 October 2012

Stressful week

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Well, this week has been another crazy one. Two midterms this week both on kin and I'm glad to say that those ones are finally over. Goodbye stressful points of my week. Also had a stupid point of the week too... which was my fault. 

You see, in one of my kin classes, it's a active health and rehabilitation class where you learn to diagnose common injuries found in athletics and you learn to bandage sprains in the lab portion. And being me... well, I forgot that I had that class the day where I decided to abandon my casual athletic attire aka the I-don't-feel-like-looking-very-presentable-today-because-it's-the-middle-of-midterms... ie. sweat pants and hoodie. So yes, I went to school in skinny jeans and cursed myself a hundred kinds of stupid when I realized that I left my sweats at home and that my lab requires the ability to roll up your pants so your partner can work with your lower limbs. Which you can't really do with skinny jeans. However, I was extremely lucky to have a 3 hour break that day (due to having another kin lab class every other week on Wednesdays), so I dashed to the nearest mall, which is about half an hour away at the most, and bought a pair of decent sweats. The best thing? They fit quite well in length as well, which was why I chose sweats rather than yoga pants because I'm vertically challenged

Tape job midterm next week as well as my last kin class (which should be a breeze considering it's a first year class and I've learned most, if not all, of the material before in my other kin classes).

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  1. Go you for being able to find a solution so quickly! :)
    And super happy that you've conquered some more midterms! :)