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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tape Job Examination

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The last of my first batch of midterms are finished!! Though I have a second part of a midterm in the middle of November, so I have some breathing room. My week has generally been okay. Got through my ankle tape job with a pretty good score. Funniest part of the exam was that we only got 10 minutes to do the tape job and there's this material called Pro-Wrap, which is not used on the field to tape athletes, but can be used in practice. It's not really tape, but more like saran wrap. It is used to protect leg hair when you take off the tape. But since we have a limited time, most ended up getting the agreement from their partners to not use pro-wrap to save time. Luckily, I was paired with a girl, so not much of an issue there. After the exam was done, watching some of the guys peel off the tape was pretty damn hilarious amusing. Especially since about 80% of my classmates are jocks and they're used to injuries, so it was a little unexpected to hear them complain about minor hair removal.


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